Road rehabilitation1. Maintaining and developing the reputation acquired over the years in the geotechnical field.

2. Performing work at a high level of quality.

3. An open and timely communication as to satisfy the requirements of our customers and partners.

4. Ensuring the quality management system certification, specific to the organization of our company.

5. Hiring staff suitably qualified for geotechnical surveys activities and continuing the training of existing staff.

6. Providing quality modern technical equipment in order to increase the productivity of our work.

7. The execution of geotechnical surveys in a planned manner, respecting deadlines and all other contract terms.

8. Providing a triple checks and approvals of geotechnical surveys before delivery (verification and approval both internal and external, by a licensed supervisor named by the beneficiary).

9. Monitoring customer satisfaction and the prompt resolution of requests, comments and complaints made by them.

10. Working with designers and builders to design objectives to which the geotechnical survey performed by GEO-SERV serve.