"GEO-SERV is a serious economic agent, performing good quality geotechnical surveys in the time required, and cooperation with GEO-SERV is flexible."- Eng. Marin BAICU, BAICONS
"Our company appreciates the high quality of geotechnical surveys provided by GEO-SERV, the timeliness and professionalism of the firm, as well as the flexible collaboration and the cooperation between the company specialists and the project leaders during project development."- Eng. Ovidiu BARBIER, MAXIDESIGN SRL
"GEO-SERV SRL Bucharest perform quality geotechnical surveys, complying with the technical requirements and contractual terms, which were favorably received and approved by both our company and the beneficiaries and builders with whom we worked together. There is a very good collaboration with GEO-SERV at the management level."- Eng. Cristi VÎLCU, EXPERT PROIECT 2002 SRL